Sunday, September 05, 2010

Manjolai contact information

Hi Friends,

Till today I am getting lot of queries about stay @ manjolai and getting permission from forest department. So I thought instead of replying to individuals let me write a new post..... (I am bit lazy. It took almost 3 years to write this ;-) )

For your kind information this is not a tourist place. There is no lodge/hotel in manjolai. You need to stay in near by place like Ambai, Kallidaikurichi or even at nellai. You can stay at zamin palace also. They are having tamilnadu tourism's bed break fast scheme.

Regarding stay and transport you can contact Mr.Sundar (ASHA travels) he is the one who arranged stay, got permission etc for us.

You can reach him @ 09994093111. Clarify all your doubts...

You can always try on your own. But it may take some more time.
I am not very sure about the GOVT procedure for manjolai. (It’s a private area). If you want to contact GOVT forest officials, you need to write a letter to officials located in NGO A Colony (Kalakad and Mundandurai tiger sanctuary office). I am not having their address at present. You can Google it. They are located in NGO A Colony near RTO Office.

Check the monsoon and go ahead. I can say we were very lucky...... Have fun guys.....

Leave your comments if you need any information.....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Muthathi Trek -- Photos!!!!

This trekking was arranged by our company last year. Check out these photos. I will give u the information(s) regarding this trek in my next blog.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

First day second Half in Manjolai trip - 4

Evening we rushed our sumo like anything to reach the spot before sun set..We succeded a bit. Around 6.15 we reached the spot. Visibility was there. Excellent view point. From there, one can see Papanasam, Manimutthar dam and even tirunelveli new bus-stand. One building is constructed near this view point.

From the view point

When the clock touches 7, immi. the climate changed. It was very cool. I din believe that we were in tirunelveli district. First time in my life I used my jergin in tirunelveli district. We spent arount 30 min over there.

We drove back to nalu mukku. Since our driver told this area will be full of wild animal in the night time, we watched all over the way very eagerly. Our eyes got tired. We din spot even a single wild animal. ;-( We were about to reach nalumukku (just a km before nalumukku) one deer jumped in to the road. Just few meters away from our sumo. At that point of time we swithced off our camera ;-(.. Eventhough we managed to take some photo..(u can find this photo at the end of my previous blog). Atleast we were able to spot a deer. We were happy about that. Something is better than nothing ;-))))))))))

We had a nice dinner at that mallu hotel. Slept nicely.

Second day:Next day morning we woke up early. By 5.45 everybody was ready. We had a " T" at mallu's hotel and headed towards Oothu.

Mist - Mist - Mist - Full of mist...We reached oothu view point around 6.30. We waited till 8. But because of the mist we din spot any thing. Then we decided to go back. I forgot to tell one thing, on the way to oothu we spotted one bison family ;-))))). They gave a nice pose to our camera..

Oothu Organic Tea estate

Bison family

On the way to Oothu

My tripod @ Oothu

We had nice break fast at nalu mukku and headded towards manimutthar. Had a nice bath at manimutthar falls and rushed to home. We reached home around 12. Packed up everything and catched the train at 3.30. We travelled towards a routine life....;-))))

If you are having 3-4 days leave u can spend ur time leisurely here. U can go for a trek also.

Catch u guys soon with more info abt different place... take care..cia!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

First day second Half in manjolai trip -- Manjolai Trip - 3

We went to nalu mukku for two reasons. First one was to order our lunch, dinner in a mallu hotel (Really a good one. If you inform them in advance, they prepare nice food. Morning 6.30 to night 9.30) and the second was regarding our stay at nalumukku. Both the work were done with in 30 min. Eventhough it was 12.30 no one was feeling hungry. So we planned to roam.

In front of the hotel with the owner (Right extreme)

Path from nalu mukku to kothaiyar

From nalu muuku we planned to go to kotahiyar. Kothaiyar is the main and very big catchment area. This dam is situated in kanyakumari district. Near the dam there is an E.B guest house. Those who want to stay in a remote place, can request for the permission from the EB for this suite. Really worth staying.

One lake is there just below the dam. They are pumping water from the lake to the dam, then utilizing that water for power generation. (not always this system works. When the water level in the dam falls below certain level, at that time this system starts working)

Lake below the dam

We had a nice time over there. Then we went to the view point. That is really amazing. From the view point you can spot many dams. (peachi paarai, peruchani, noyyal). There is a winch, operating from that point to lower kotahiyar. What you are seeing below is a view point. Those pillars were holding a view point - building. Because of some problem government demolished the view point building.

View Point

This is also from View point

Near the winch (see the colour of those trees)

Then we went to one more small dam called kuttiyar dam. By that time it was 4.30. The conditions of the road was pathetic. Only trained guys can drive over there.

Kuttiyar Dam


We rushed to nalumukku to have our lunch. (@ 5 ;-( ).

Surprisingly full meals was waiting for us there, that too with moore kolambu....I filled my stomach like anything. The driver told us we have to go to "oothu" before sunset. (hey one more view point ma....). Time is 5.40. We started from nalumukku to ooothu, hoping that we will reach the spot before the sunset... Small intro about the place "oothu" - We can spot lot of wild animals on the way to oothu if we are lucky!!!

let us c what happened on that day......

Guess what is this??? (set more contrast & bright in ur system to c this ;-) )

Friday, February 17, 2006

First day in our manjolai trip -- Manjolai Trip - 2

Hi frens!!

Hope u have seen the photos I have uploaded in my previous blog. In this blog I will explain our journey experience & how we spent two days here. (Most of the places in manjolai are not covered by GSM/CDMA service provider. U r totally isolated. Ok lets start our journey from tirunelveli!!!

Saturday (11/02/2006) early morning 5.45 we started from tirunelveli in the sumo. We packed all the necessary items which include water, snacks & bedding.

We reached ambai by 7.00. We ordered our break fast in hotel gowri sankar. By 7.30 we started from ambai to manimutthar. While traveling towards manimuthar my cousin karthik wishes to visit singampatti zamin palace. The driver was very co-operative. He arranged a meeting with Singampatti zamin. (We din expect really this from the driver). The meeting was extended up to 9. We visited zamin’s museum, palace & anthapuram.

Zamin Palace - Back end view

Zamin's Corridor

Olden day's weapons

Darbar Swords(not used for war purposes)

Elephant Skull

From manimutthar police check post

After our royal meeting with the zamin we rushed to manimutthar. The dam was full because of the early rain in the place. While entering in to manimutthar, there is a police check post. If you are going by ur private vehicle till manjolai, u have to carry the permission letter. Plenty of water, no one was there in the manimutthar water falls. We really enjoyed the bath after a long time.

Manimutthar Dam

On the way to manjolai

Then we headed towards manjolai. (The journey takes one hour from manimuttar to manjolai). We had our break fast in side the forest. The journey was too good. We spotted some wild animals on the way. We din met any two wheeler/four wheeler in our path till we reached manjolai. (except some workers who are laying the road there) Climate was little hot. Initially we thought why others told us to carry warm cloths? In some places our ear got blocked because of the height. From that spot the temperature started falling down.

Around 12 we reached manjolai. We reached the spot...Now what to do???

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Manjolai - Unrevealed heaven of south tamil nadu -- Manjolai Trip - 1

I have been to MANJOLAI last week. I wanted to share my experience with all of u.
A brief intro is needed for manjolai. (Eventhough my native is very near to this place I have not been here till now) It is situated near southern tip of western ghats. Lots n lots of greenary - Tea plantaion, where ever u turn ur head u can spot only one colour that is green.

There are some view points from this, u can spot so many dams situated near by.

Height 6000ft MSL
Temperature Very chill
Road condition Poor (now they are laying roads there)
Emergency needs Nothing (puncture,fuel etc etc everything we have to take care)

In my next blog I will explain about our trip in detail. Enjoy our trip photo in this blog.

Date of journey : 11/02/2006 – 12/02/2006

Places covered : Tirunelveli – Amba samudram – Singam patti - Manimutaru - Manjolai –Kakachi - Nalu mukku – Kuthirai vetti – Upper Kothaiyar – Kuttiyar

Transportation : TATA sumo

Number of persons : 4

Required Permission:
Prior permission from forest department is compulsory if you are traveling by private vehicles. (Forest office located at ambasamudram – No contact address with us)

Transport available:
Government busses are available. Frequency of them is very less. (Reliability too). Even though it’s costlier, better arrange some local transport like sumo. Those drivers will take care about the permission from the forest officials and will show all the places nearby manjolai.